Uncle Part Deux

Well, I am proud to announce that Reeve Irwin Thomas Brehaut has come into the world this morning around 8am. This is my sister's second boy, and he hasn't even made it to the nursery yet to be weighed (that's how soon I got the news).
Reeve (Ryan's a superman fan), Irwin (our grandfather's middle name), Thomas (Laurie's last name), and Brehaut (the good man Ryan's last name...Reeve's father).
I well with pride, and joy at the birth of my sister's son, my newest nephew!


3 Responses to Uncle Part Deux

  1. Laura Says:
    Hey Mike, Congratulations on becoming an uncle again!!
  2. Mike Thomas Says:
    Thank you, thank you Laura. We went in to see him after work, and what a sweetie! He was so quiet, and they said that he's been that way all day.
    He did let them know he was cold though when Laurie changed his diaper.
    I'm so proud. He's such a handsome fellow. He is 7lbs, and some. He's pretty much the exact same as Noah was when he was born!
  3. Bonnie Says:
    Congrats on your renewed unclehood!