Heck Yesssss!

Friday is here and after last weeks tirade about the weekends being such a tease, I find that I am a reformed weekend lover, much like I am a reformed blogger.

Last weekend, I did some fun stuff...I am sure of it. And this weekend, I have so much on tap, that I can't even hope to do it all. Yes, most of this surrounds the Super Bowl and two possible parties. I am so popular. Problem is that I committed to one, so I won't be able to attend the other :(
This however does not diminish my excitement regarding the first party. Woo-Hoo! Malcolm's place is going to be hot. I heard that the heiress Paris is making an appearance...$150,000.00 well spent.

So if you have the slightest inclination toward fantasy, and superhero's you will want to take a look at Star Harbor Nights. It is a superhero story that I have just started reading, and I really like it. If you're into Superman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc....you should like this.
It has a lot of potential from what I have read, and there is a lot of content there. Take a look, and you might really like it.


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