My Grandfather.

We are blessed in life if we are to have known a man such as Lloyd Martin. He was my grandfather and I was his first grand child. That always made me proud.

We learned a lot about Poppy over the last few days as all of the family was sitting around him telling stories, and sharing memories as he lay in his bed. The kind nurses would spell us every few hours as they turned him or tended to him in other ways, always making sure to keep him comfortable. We should all be so lucky to have family like that in our last days. I am proud to be the nephew of my uncles, and the son of my mother. They are amazing people who were brought up by a fantastic father.

He was kind, and good. God touched so many lives through this one man. He was our family patriarch, a helping hand to many, and a kind soul to all.

Poppy will live within out hearts and memories forever. The man who let me help in his shop for the summers, who let me 'drive' (more like lurch) a stick shift on the highway when I was thirteen, who helped us find our first home (and trick my uncle into plumbing it for 3 days..."Barry are you free for an hour tomorrow?"), who got me thinking about red-heads (thanks Pop), who saw fit to let me eat my first birthday cake with my hands (a picture I'll always cherish), the man who is my Grandfather, Lloyd Martin passed away today.


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  1. Laura Says:
    What a beautiful message Mike, you and your family are in our prayers.

    May God bless you,