Good Monday Morning!

Monday Mike wants to take Sunday Evening Mike and shake him a bit. Monday Mike is wondering why Sunday Evening Mike didn't do like 30 Trivial Tuesdays to get ahead of the game. Well...Monday Mike may never have his answer.

I think it's funny how we consider our past selves such fools by times. We look back at our mistakes or omissions and think "Why didn't I do it?" almost as if we were thinking of another person (i.e. Sunday Evening Mike). In reality the person who didn't do it is in all actuality Monday Mike!

I think it's another facet of our sketchy nature as people. Even on this small scale, it is evidenced that I want to avoid taking responsibility for something I have done. I get it honestly though, we all do. Our distant relatives invented the whole thing for Pete's sake!

So, that being said, tomorrow will be TRIVIAL TUESDAY! Horray! Good times for all. I experimented on the weekend with drawing, inking, and sizing for my web comic. Yikes. I found out for the scale I'm using, a regular sharpie is too fat, and a fine tip sharpie is too thin. More experimentation to come though.

My webcomic will be entitled "Econostuds", and it will feature all of the fun and craziness that I have seen or imagined in the world of building supply retail. It follows the lives of a few Schrumans employees (pronnounced "Screw-mans") and their encounters with each other, management, and of course the crazy DIY'ers that are always around. If you're ever worked retail, this story will ring true to you, and if you've ever shopped in a building supply store and witnessed an employee act a little odd, this will explain it all. So keep an eye out for Econostuds, because it's coming soon!

The image above is 'Omega Flight'. Canada's new 'super team' in the Marvel Universe. 10 Trivial Tuesday points to the first 2 people who can correctly name all of the members pictured. This is another hint as to what is coming for the voting tab on the right. Keep submitting votes to make this test worthwhile!


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