Something I wanted to do from the start was to make this blog an interesting place for people to visit, because of the posibilities that it would present them for exploration. Hopefully I can keep up to date points of interest on the blog, with new 'content/news' daily to make it possible for return visitors to always see something new. I'll also be posting interesting things of my own design to hopefully spark something of interest in peoples brains.

The hope is to make this tiny spot of the web an area where you and I engage in discusison on issues, relevant, and irrelevant before you use it as a jump off for you to spend some time on the net.

I know several people who use their site as a meaningful place of encouragement, or contact. Time will tell what I use this for (if at all), as I tend to be streaky in my undertakings.

Information on games, entertainment, and possibly some hack theology based upon thousands of hours of Biblical study.


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  1. Laura Says:
    Hey Mike, your blog looks good! Looking forward to more installments! :)