Guys Breakfast

This morning not even sickness could keep me from attending my first guys breakfast of the year. Matt Anderson, Brian, Troy, Nick, Malcolm, and I all met at Sams Restaurant for a great time of catching up, breakfast and hockey highlights (thanks to their nice TV).
One person unable to attend was Marko Peric, who was missed. He and Sean were probably catching up on sleep after a week of illness. You can find pictures of Sean and Marko by clicking here.
Guys, breakfast this morning was very refreshing. It was a wonderful time, and proved yet again the importance of friendship, and how great its value is. I enjoyed the fellowship as well as the eggs.

Here is a picture of our little lap dog Mikey. We adopted him over a year ago, and he's quite the guy. He had a lot of problems, but we're loving them out of him. He's affectionate to the max, and is becoming more and more comfortable each day.
Poor guy had been through three homes before ours in a year and a half, so we're happy to be giving him a good home. He's seen here getting a rare chance to sit on the couch, while my beautiful wife Nancy gives him a hug. She gives the best hugs! Aren't they cute? Someday I'll post the video of our first pet Pekoe (once I figure out how to do that...). That kind of reads like he's dead. He's not dead, he's just a cat.


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