Angels Unaware..Sunday Thoughts

I love the thought in Michael W. Smith's song where he sings about 'entertaining angels unaware..' Now he is not singing about playing Yahtzee with clueless angels, but instead addressing the notion that there may be times where we, unbeknownst to ourselves have appointed encounters with angels without realizing it.

Now there have been several times in my life, where there has been an occurrence or event that my heart knows was brought on by the Almighty in a out-of-the-natural way. There is also the equivalent of a small nation of people who 'know me' who would say that it's bunk for me to say that because they know what I am 'really' like: "He's not a good enough guy for God to take interest in."

One of these out-of-the-natural occasions was when I was at 'Bible School' in upstate New York. It was at a Snow Camp where they flooded our campus with hundreds of snotty nosed children running around in snow suits for fun, games, and aggressive indoctrinization.
So, as a student, we had to play counsellor, games masters, and anything else the school could get us to do for free labour, and this one particular week I was a counsellor.

So we had a cabin full of kids who just wanted to play, with the exception of two South American boys who were well behaved, and stuck to me like glue. For their age (9-11) I remember them to be greatly mature, and pensive. This is no doubt the editorial effect that years have on memories, but nonetheless; they were cool kids.
It was at an emotionally charged rally; on the last night; that this impressive kid who knew some Bible stories, and was simply a well behaved and honest child 'got saved'. I remember the set up, how this moment that was about to transpire left my heart's beliefs exposed and undeniably bare.

I said to him something like "

But Kid (forget his real name), you told me you were already 'saved'?!??!"

He looked right into my eyes, and told me pointing each time
.."I knew Him up here (head), but I didn't know Him down here (heart)."

In the way that hit me, the way the Lord spoke to me in that instant, I remember wanting to ask him for the rest of the weekend if he was really an angel, and not just some kid from South America with a really, really quiet brother. There is no way that this can translate through this media to give the realization of how cool, and extraordinary that was. It sounds simple enough to explain, "kid said something that you took to heart Mike".
Maybe it is that simple, and I'm just mining for extra meaning from it.

So when it comes to unaware angels, I'm not sure if this kid was one or not. I remember he kind of disappeared the morning he went home, but the other counsellor told me his mom had picked them up. Coincidence.............maybe. ;)
In my opinion, both the detractors and my experience are right. I'm a cad, but that can't disqualify a person from God's grace coming in any form. Whether it be an angel coming to teach you something special, of a man dying on a cross in front of hating people. What would grace be then, if not given to the undeserving?

P.S. This memory was brought on by random blogging where I found a blog by a student at my old school; where this year where Snow Camps have just started.


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