Daddy's done

I did a minute amount of work on this tonight...bout an hour. Lots of detail stuff on dad, but not too much overall change. You can see that I cropped the pic, and pretty much finished the father. I am becoming more adept at using photoshop, and used to it as a tool. I find I can switch around easier, and have developed habits in how I do things.
I enjoy the brush tool. I find the pencil really rigid, and too exact. In reality; using pencil is a very forgiving medium, and I love the feel of the soft carbon sliding across the page. There is no set pixel size with a can adjust your hand and have as thick or as light a line as you could want.
For as much as I love a real pencil, I am learning to love the Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet as well. Just as a different sort of tool.


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  1. Marko Peric Says:
    I'm feeling a little thick -- what's the joke?