Dinner and a Movie....Star

Last night Nancy and I were at East Side Mario’s for a nice dinner. Nancy decided to take me out, her treat. Nice. So the girl finds us a seat, and our waitress eventually came to take our order. We ordered, and I notice that Nancy is following this girl with her eyes, as she walks away.

So I said “Why are you giving her the death look?” (it wasn’t a ‘death look’, but I said it anyway). Nancy denied it.

So, we eat dinner, and it was great. The sausage pepper penne is awesome at East Sides, I recommend it. Also, for the first time in a while, the bread they brought was fresh and not all crusty. Woo-hoo!

After dinner, I had to go to the little boy’s room, and when I was back, Nancy had paid, and was ready to go. So, when we left the building, Nancy tells me that the waitress thought I was a movie star.

Apparently, I look ‘exactly’ like a guy who is in the movie ‘Land of Women’ playing at the theatres. Well…at least to this waitress, I do. She asked Nancy if I was the guy from the movie. Nancy said ‘no’. The whole dinner this waitress thought I was a movie star. How cool is that? BAM! Movie star!

Soooo….this explains the devil eyes Nancy made at the girl. She told me that the waitress was holding eye contact a little too long (because she was trying to see if I was in fact the guy from the movie).

Totally made my night. The picture is of a guy who might be in that movie, who might be the guy I look like…..or something like that ;) I can't see it though...so I don't know who it really was.


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