Wormless Wednesday

Also, check out my crappy web comic below! It will get better, I promise ;) Play Trivial Tuesday while you're at it...


9 Responses to Wormless Wednesday

  1. DebD Says:
    Wow! What a great photo!

    Happy WW.

    Deb on the Run
  2. Brian Says:
    How long an exposure? The flame, not you. :)
  3. Nancy Says:
    Cool Pic! :)
  4. Mike Thomas Says:
    I should really not that I did not take this picture...I wish! It just caught my eye as I was 'stumbling' through the net...

  5. Amber Says:
    Sigh. And to think I thought that Mike the Canadian was an expert photographer. Either that or flame thrower extraordinaire.

    Happy WW!
  6. Autofocused Says:
    That is a great image-good choice!
  7. letha Says:
    That is really cool.
  8. Biker Betty Says:
    That is very neat looking. Thanks for visiting.
  9. jams o donnell Says:
    great photo.. it must have been a pretty long exposure...