Wormless Wednesday Part III

Here is my paw in milk dipping cat Pekoe. He's white and orange....cute. Again, this photo is a plug for my wife's amazing photography abilities. Check out her work here. Remember Trivial Tuesday below! Email your answers to mikecthomas(at)gmail.com


10 Responses to Wormless Wednesday Part III

  1. Autofocused Says:
    Great photo.

    Does he like cookies with it? ;-)
  2. elasticwaistbandlady Says:
    I enjoy dipped cat paws as much as the next person, but Oreo cookies still take first place for me in the milk dipping category.
  3. DariDonovan Says:
    Too cute.
  4. Comedy + Says:
    Awwwwwwwwwwwww, this is so cute. You just can't leave anything around that they like without them getting into it. Great shot and I like the black and white. Even makes it better.
  5. sarala Says:
    Very cute. I think the paw dipping behavior is cool. My cat does it too.
  6. kaliblue Says:
    She does very good work:-). Excellent photo.
    Happy WW
  7. The Freelance Cynic Says:
    Whoooch a ickle puddywuddydoody!
    You ish. Yesh You ISh. You so Puddy! You such a puddy puddy cat...
  8. Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson Says:
    What a gorgeous cat! And the photo ain't bad either ;)

    My cats tend to drink straight out of my milk glass if I'm not vigilant enough. Probably because they know it's really their milk glass, and I just poured it out for them.
  9. Amber Says:
    What a sweet shot! I think wifey should do all the WWs from now on. :-)
  10. Mike Thomas Says:
    Ha! Thanks Amber (and all of you wonderful bloggers), she really appreciates all of the nice comments. Make sure to visit her website by clicking on one of the links under the pictures.