Uncomfortable Crickets - We love you...

It's the end of the week. Another week of another year fades into the history books. Was this a memorable week with important moments you'll remember for life, or is this one of the many weeks that we will expense to time and never look to again?
Hopefully you had a good week. If so, then I'm pretty sure that you have Brannigan's Law to thank for that. Well...not the actual law...but my web-blog-site-thingy. Yes, yes indeed. Thank me for your good week. You're welcome. ;)

Ha! What a farce. I know that Brannigan's Law plays such a small part in your day to day, but I cherish that second or two I have to brighten your life by telling you that you're special. And I love you. That's right, Brannigan's Law loves you. You're welcome. ;)

So last night, after traveling through memory lane by watching a repeat of The Office, I saw the first 5 minutes of Scrubs. I have seen few shows that can make me laugh like Scrubs. Perry is the balls. He broke out a line after Carla made a bad joke that went something like "You would be hearing crickets chirping right now, but they were so uncomfortable after your joke that they just couldn't bring themselves to do it..." or something like that. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! So beautiful. Perry does not love you like Brannigan's Law does. But he is funny! Funny without love; but funny all the same.

Good times. I hope I've made you slightly uncomfortable with all of the 'I love you' stuff. Now you know how an uncomfortable cricket feels...By the way, print off Jiminy Cricket for the kids to color in. FUN!

Hmmm. I feel that by having you read this post, I have wasted your time. I am sorry. I'll make it up to you with five days straight of ECONOSTUDS starting MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be there, or be square! Every day next work week, and then it becomes a weekly webcomic for Brannigan's Law! OH YEAH BABY!


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