Manic Monday

Here, here for the Bangals! Welcome to another week of Brannigan's Law. Make sure you don't miss your chance to play Trivial Tuesday tomorrow, and remember to drop by for Wormless Wednesday if you get the chance!

Well, the weekend saw little progress on Econostuds, that is until last night. I finished and inked three strips last evening, and was I ever excited. The good news is that they look very professional. That is, if you take nearly every professional comic strip, their stuff printing today makes their very first few strips look like garbage. I mean, think of what the Simpsons looked like on the Tracey Ullman Show in the 80's.

So my poorly illustrated, butcher quality writing, and hack sharpie inking will soon be available for viewing on this blog! Hooray. Really though, I think that the strip has potential, and I'm going to keep on plugging, even though I almost jumped off of my roof when I saw how the first strip looked after finishing it. What I was doing drawing on my roof in March...I don't know. Whatever it takes to be productive I guess.

What I look forward to doing is searching out how you're supposed to draw comics. I mean, is there a stock board you can buy that's broken down into panels, how big are you to draw the initial cartoon, and how small do you shrink it down to? All of this and more, I hope to find out.

In today's clean cut world of graphic designers and Photoshop wizardry, my paper and pencil mess should be a breath of moderately fresh air...or at least I hope so!

Above is a picture done by pros. It's in celebration of the soon to be released "Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer" movie.


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