What a difference a week can make. I have switched jobs, and gave my two weeks notice today. I got a call a week ago with an offer, and I have taken it. Yay.

So, blogging took a back seat as I couldn't post much about it, and it was all I was thinking about. But now that it's done....BLOG ON BROTHA'!!!!!

So tomorrow is TRIVIAL TUESDAY, and I hope you're ready. Not too many people got in on the video edition, so I'm thinking that Marko may be the only one to get points this week...Wow.

Lost last week. Locke did not sink the sub. Callin' it now. Jack is still going to be hella pissed with him. Wow.

I spent a lot of the day at work looking for the clip of Ron Burgundy jumping into the bear pit saying "I immediately regret this decision...' in regards to me quitting my job. Well, not that I regretted it, but you know, I was the opposite of Ron Burgundy. Which is good in life.

Well, I hope you have a great night! You stay classy....Earth.


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