Trivial Tuesday

Well, it's finally here, and it is still technicially Tuesday! Horray! As a bonus, the first 5 people to get their answers in will receive a bonus point added onto their score! Let's not waste any more time and just get to the questions! And for Pete's sake. If you need help, just Google it!!!

1. In the U.S.A. what inland state has the longest shoreline?

2. For what event did evangelist Billy Graham break his rule against watching TV on Sundays, in February 1964?

3. What name is shared by a citrus fruit, and the citizens of an African capital?

4. What are the two top-selling spices in the world (and possibly the universe...)?

5. Christmas can boast that it is the biggest candy-selling season of the year. What's second?

6. What is the most plentiful metal in the Earth's crust?

7. A baby kangaroo is called a joey. What are mom and dad called?

8. What nation has an AK-47 assult rifle on its flag?

9. What game features Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde?

10. The average shower takes 10.4 minutes. How many gallons of water does it use up? BONUS: What's the most popular water temperature?


1 Response to Trivial Tuesday

  1. Michael - Lover of Amy Says:
    1 Michigan

    2. Football

    3. Orange

    4. Black pepper & oregano

    5. Easter

    6. Iron

    7. Buck and Doe

    8. Mozambique

    9. Pac Man