Trivial Tuesday

It's Trivial Tuesday, and the plan is to issue a number of questions each Tuesday and see who can get the most answers right throughout the week...think you can do it? Well sucka, these mothers can be tough!

To 'answer' email me at mikecthomas'at' and put 'Answers for Trivia' so I can keep things straight. If you get an answer right, and you're the first to do so, you will get a point and the blog will post a little scoreboard with the leaders. Good luck, and here are this weeks questions...oh right, I forgot. Tell your friends about this. It will be fun to see who's brain works gooder.

1. What was the first Japanese car imported to the United States?

2. How did poker's Dead Man's Hand - a pair of aces and a pair of eights - get its name?

3. What was the Fonz's full name from the show 'Happy Days'?

4. In what city is the building whose exterior was used for Jerry's apartment building on the show Seinfeld?

5. What percentage of the average human brain is water?

6. How many toes does a rhinoceros have on each foot?

7. What silver hood ornament does Queen Elizabeth II have installed on any car she is travelling in?

8. Why did a Bible published in London in 1632 become known as the 'Wicked Bible'?

9. In the Bible, which of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse rides a red horse?

10. The rock group 'Electric Mayhem' made an appearance in what 1979 film?

Good luck folks! You have until midnight January 30th to get your answers in! Email them to mikecthomas'at'



1. Datsun 1958. 83 sold in US that year.
2. Wild Bill Hickok had those cards when he was gunned down.
3. Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
4. Los Angeles
5. 80%
6. Three toes in one hoof
7. Queenie likes a sculpture of St.George slaying a dragon. (according
to my sources)
8. "not" was missing from the 7th commandment. Look it up. Oooo! Naughty!
9. War
10. The Muppet Movie


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